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Welcome to our page! Below you will find information regarding the worlds' most fascinating subjects. Feel free to peruse at will! 

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Amateur Radio
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"They" say that youth without passion is like age without indifference. Were I not ambivalent on the subject, I would comment further. 

American Radio Relay League
IMPORTANT!!! If you are looking for a QSL for PJ8 you have come to the WRONG place. I received the N7KG call on 6/4/2002. The previous owner of the call was Craig Maxey, now AH8DX. Please look up Criag if you need a DXpedition QSL Thanks. For more information on Amateur Radio, i.e. Ham Radio, please follow the link. It's a great hobby and a great service to our communities. 

DiHydrogen Monoxide Special Alert!
If you value your health and the health of those around you, pay special attention to this research group. I recently found myself a victim of DHMO irregularities in my own blood.


Utah Amateur Radio Club W7SP

Mushroom Expert.Com
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