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Classical Guitar

Welcome to my page on classical guitar. I played a very little bit when I was a teen. So much so that I probably shouldn't mention it. My children started taking lessons from Linda Peterson, a long time family friend, when they were much younger. As I payed for the lessons and watched them not practice I thought that there must be a way to motivate them. So I began to play. I have had a few instructors. Linda tought me the basics.

As I was looking for a guitar, I went to Acoustic Music. They are wonderful. If you have a chance to stop in and meet the proprietors, you should. Brian and Hardin run the place. They care a very nice selection of acoustic and classical guitars, as well as banjos, mandolins etc. It was there that I met Peter Cholles. Pete is a great guy. He has since moved on doing sebaticals in meditation. I learned a lot from him.

Not long thereafter I decided to take a class at the University of Utah from Todd Woodbury. Todd is absolutely wonderful. He is patient and inciteful. Todd is still my private instructor as I have time.

As for instruments, my first was an Alhambra 1P. It was a nice starter guitar, but I soon found the urge to step up. My next guitar, which I still own and love, is a Cervantes Rodriquez PE. This is a great instrument and plays better than the price point. It is heavier and has beautiful figured sides and back. I keep this at work for when I want to play a little.

My player is a Tobias Berg #52. This is my first concert quality instrument. It is simply phenomenal. There is no other way to put it. It has depth, breadth, clarity, separation, you name it. The wood is simply designed. The back and sides are Indian Rosewood. The top is European Spruce. The fretboard is ebony. It has Rogers tuning machines that are deliciously smooth. I can't imagine a finer instrument.

As for my playing? I'll post later. For now, the site is under construction as they say.

While I am getting ready to record a few simple things, I am spending my time learning on a great website. If you are interested in anything classical guitar, you owe it to yourself to check out the great guitarist Jean-Francois Delcamp at his website and forum. You won't regret it. He is currently running online guitar lessons for free. You can access them via the forum.

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