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Welcome to my Sailing page. We, occassionaly that is, sail a Jenneau Tonic 24 named Allegro. She is dry docked now for 2 years do to damage from a storm and very little time to repair her. You can read about the storm from KA7OEI's report here. Also, you might want to check out K7HFV's report  here. 

This is the Mother of All Maritime Links.

On the left is Allegro, moored in the Puget Sound before we bought her. On the right is after the storm on the Great Salt Lake, beached on Freemont Island.

On the left is Kelly Anderson, KV7V just prior to the storm arriving. The squall line can be seen in the distance. Below is just a few minutes after the storm hit. On the right is Allegro beached after the rode broke.


In late July, 2006 while perusing the F-Boat Yahoo Group, I came across a Corsair F27 for sale from a wonderful man in Colorado. After many hours of phone conversations, we drove to Colorado to take a look at it and drug it back to Utah. We've spent about a week on it so far and love it. Pictures are to follow. Should you find yourself interested in F-Boats, here is the link.

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